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Blue Circle Cool Photoshop Tutorial

First, start with a 200 by 200 pixel document. Fill the background color with a dark blue. (#005B80)

Make a new layer, (Ctrl +N) and create a rounded rectangle that occupies most of the canvas, and center it. (Hold shift to keep it a perfect square)

Then rotate the rectangle layer, by right clicking and selecting “Free Transform Path.” Try to copy the following:

Now add a new layer, and create a circle in the center of the canvas. Fill it with the same dark blue. (#005B80) (Hold shift to keep it a perfect circle)

Make a new layer, and select your custom shape tool, (right-click on the rectangle tool), and select the “web” shapes, under the “shapes” toggle. Insert this shape, and center it into the circle.

Now create another layer, and toggle the “shapes” menu to “Nature”. Choose white (#FFFFFF) as your foreground color. Select the flames, and insert them into the canvas.

Now lower the opacity of this layer to 80%.

Now add text. 12 pt. Arial font (white) is used here. After typing the text in, select these options:


-Center Text

-Warp Text (Arch Shape)

- Horizontal Warp (-62% Bend)

The text should be moved to better hug the circle.

Final Product: