Poster Printing

Cool Blue Star Logo

1. First, create a 500 by 500 pixel document, with a black background.

2. Then create a lens flare. (Filter, Render, Lens Flare) Use the following settings...

3. Shear the layer with the following settings...

You should now have something that looks like this...


4. Now duplicate the layer four three times. (right click the layer, then “duplicate layer”)

5. Rotate the first duplicate to a different point. (Edit, Transform, Rotate 180º )

6. Rotate the other duplications to different points (Edit, Transform, Rotate 90º CW) and (Edit, Transform, Rotate 90º CCW)

Make sure you don’t repeat any rotations.

After this, set all of your layers to soft light.


You should have this as an outcome:



7. Now we can change the color, create a hue/saturation layer, and use the following settings...


You should get something like this...


8. Now add some text, I used 52 pt. Eurostile Font. With my blue as, (#3C8594)


9. Duplicate the text layer twice, and place your original text on top of all of your layers.

10. On your first duplicate, apply a Gaussian Blur using a 4.0 setting. (Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur)

 11. On your second duplicate, apply a motion blur. (Filter, Blur, Motion Blur)

Use these settings:


You should end up with something like this...