Poster Printing

Elegant Text Logo

First, start out with a 375 by 100 pixel document.

Use your Paint Bucket tool, and create a white background (#FFFFFF).

Then select your Horizontal Text Tool, and use type the first letter in the logo name, as a capital, in Pristina font, size 18.

Then, create the rest of the name in lowercase Pristina font, size 10. (This will be a new layer)

(The test name, “Logo Tutorials” is clearly two words, so I make the second part (“tutorials”) in the same format as “logo”)

Make a new layer. Now select your pencil tool, and set the brush size to 3 pixels. Then underline the entire text. (Be sure to hold the “shift” key while drawing, to keep your line straight)

Then select your Elliptical Marquee Tool, and set the Feather option to “40”. Try to get your selection to look similar to this.

Now, move the selection zone to this position.

Now press delete. Some of the underlined section will delete and fade away. When the process is repeated with both sides of the underline, you should receive a product similar to this.

Now change the opacity to 75%, for the lowercase text layers.

Now select all four text layers, and right click on them. Select Rasterize. Then select all four again, and select “Merge Layers”. Now duplicate the merged layer, and lower the duplicate’s opacity to 20%. Then nudge the duplicate layer slightly to the left. (Tap the left arrow on the key board three times) The final product will appear as so: