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Photoshop Fire Text Effect

1. Start out with a new 500 x 100 image with a black background. Add the text that you are going to add the effect to using a font that is easily readable on the web, such as Arial, Verdana, or Trebuchet MS. Change the text colour to white, making sure the text is aligned to the right to allow space for the flame effect on the left.

2. We are now going to duplicate our text layer. Go to “Layer” -> “Duplicate Layer” (Or hit “Ctrl-J”). Name the duplicate layer "2".

3. You should now have two text layers, select the original one (bottom one) and go to “Filter” -> “Stylize” -> “Wind”. A message will come up saying that the layer needs to be rasterized to apply the filter, click "ok" and continue. Leave the method to “Wind” and the direction from the right.

4. Repeat the previous step 3-4 times (hit Ctrl-F) until you have something like this..

5. Go to “Layer” -> “Layer Style” -> “Blending Mode” and apply a “Colour Overlay” and an “Outer Glow” like in the images shown below..

6. Select the text layer named "2" and change the color to your liking. I chose a bright orange color and then merge the layers by hitting CTRL + E on your keyboard.

7. Finally, if you like apply a motion blur effect by going to “Filter” -> “Blur” -> “Motion Blur”

Note: You can change the distance in pixels according to your liking.

And here is the final result...