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Orb Logo Tutorial

1. Start out with a new 300 x 300 image with a black background. Using your circle tool, add a white circle covering most of the image.

2. Make a new document that is about 50% bigger than the circle you made (450 x 450). We're going to make the brushed metal texture for the outer circle. Click Filters -> noise -> add noise and add a good amount of monochromatic noise (about 130% should be fine).

3. Then apply a motion blur (Filters -> blur -> motion blur) at an angle of 0 degrees:

4. Crop it without the ugly fringes at the edges by clicking on your crop tool ( ) and selecting the area within the fringes.

5. Define it as a pattern (edit -> define pattern).

You can now close this document without saving it.

6. Going back to our original document (the white circle), we are going to add a lot of blending options (Layer -> Layer Style -> Blending Options). Add a soft outer glow, bevel and emboss, linear gradient and pattern overlay. Use the following settings:

You should now have something that looks like this...

7. Now we are going to make the blue circle overlay. Select your circle tool and draw a circle on top of your current silver pattern one.

8. We will now edit this circle using the Blending Options (Layer -> Layer Style -> Blending Options). Use the following settings:

To get the circle to have a blue gradient overlay, click on the gradient bar. This will open a new window:

Click on the lower left tab ( ) and select the colour you want (in this case blue) in the "Stops" box. You should now have something like this...

9. Finally, we will add text. First, we add a new layer (Layer -> New Layer OR hitting CTRL + N on your keyboard). Select the text tool and type the text you want. At this point you could edit your text with the blending options. We left our text simply white.

And here is the final result...