Poster Printing

Silver Effect, Beveled Text Logo

First start off with a 500 by 110 pixel document. Select the gradient tool, and set your foreground color to a light gray (#cccccc) and your background color to a darker gray (#999999).

Drag your gradient from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. You should end up with something like this:

Create a new layer, (Ctrl+N) and switch the foreground colors, (the “x” key) Then select your rounded rectangle tool. (You should right-click on the rectangle tool) Then draw a large rounded rectangle in the center on the canvas. It should look mostly like this:

Now we make the rectangle more attractive. Right-click on the layer with your rounded rectangle, and select “Blending Options”

Apply these settings:


You should now have an image of this sort:


Now add a new layer, (Ctrl+N), and create another rounded rectangle (using a darker gray #999999), only smaller this time:

We should also make this inner rectangle more attractive:

Again, right click on the layer, and click “blending options”

Apply the following settings:

This should be your look as of now:


Lets add some text: I chose white, Arial, 36 pt. font.

Now we can spice up the text:

Once again, right-click the layer, and select “Blending Options”

Use these settings:

This should be the final outcome of it all. Enjoy the chrome pipes!