Poster Printing

Trendy Corporate Logo

First, select your pen tool and set the foreground color to the color you want your logo to be. Then draw a "C" shape as seen in the picture.

Next, duplicate this shape and shrink it down. To duplicate, click on your layer and goto Layer>Duplicate Layer. Place this smaller piece next to the bigger one. To shrink it down, select the layer and press CTRL+T. A transformation box should appear around the object with 4 square corners. Press and drag inwards on one of the corners while holding shift. This will shrink the object down.

Now, duplicate both these shapes using the same method as above. Select both the layers and press CTRL+T. A transformation box should have appeared around both objects. Right click within this box and select Flip Horizontal. Move the two duplicates to the other side.


For a little flare, we will duplicate one of the object one more time and scale it so it is larger than the other four. Place it on either side.


Grab all of the object layers and place them in a folder(optional). To create a folder/file, press the folder logo at the bottom of your Layers Palette(the trashcan is down there too). Once the folder is made, select all 5 of your layers and click and drag them into the folder. Duplicate this file and scale it so it is smaller than the original using the CTRL+T method.

Change the color of each of the objects in the duplicated folder to white. Since we used the pen tool this is easy. There will be a colored box next to each layer. Double click this box and select white from the color menu. Change the Opacity of the folder to 30%. The opacity is located near the top of the layer's palette. Move the duplicated folder over the original folder the same way you would position a layer above another layer by clicking and dragging it.

Duplicate the duplicated folder and move this 2nd duplicate around over your objects until you like what you see. by move I mean, move it on the canvas until it overlaps the other shapes. Type the company name next to the logo and you're done.

final trendy logo