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Photoshop Logo Tutorials & Text Effects

Below is a number of logos you can learn to make. Click on logo to read the tutorial!

Note: Some tutorials have multiple images to act as visuals in aiding you to create your logo. Please allow some time for these images to load.

Gradient Text Logo
Gradient Text Logo

This logo is quite a basic gradient text logo. It looks good and can be used on most basic logos.
Star shape Logo
Star Logo

This star shaped logo is great looking and has that video game / web 2.0 appeal to it.
Orb Logo
Orb Logo

Orb Logo effect logo design

Fire Text
Fire Text Logo

Photoshop fire text design effect tutorial
Reflection Text Logo Reflection Logo
Text reflection effect tutorial
Bubble Logo
Bubble Logo

Bubble effect tutorial

Blue Star Logo
Blue Star Logo Tutorial

Blue Star, great looking logo modern logo.

Blue White Reflection Text
Blue White Text Logo Tutorial

Logo text on a slant with a reflection great looking logo. Suited to a modern trendy business such as a nightclub

Trendy Corporate Logo

Trendy Corporate Logo

Mordern looking logo.

Blue Circle Logo

Blue Circle Logo

This is a youthfull logo

Black & White Logo Text

Black & White Logo Text Tutorial

Black and white logo with effects applied.

Gold Crown Logo

Gold Crown Classy

Classy Gold Crown Logo

Silver Text Beveled Logo

Silver Bevelled

Mordern looking logo.

Elegant Text Logo

Elegant Text

Classy elegant text logo.