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Free Logo Design Tutorials & Resources

Logo Tutorials is a completely free internet resource where you can learn to design your own professionally looking logo using Adobe Photoshop Software. The purpose of the site is to teach logo design and serve as a central educational resource for budding graphic/web designers.

The idea is to provide easy to follow logo tutorials so Adobe Photoshop users of all levels are able to create their own professional, unique logo. All we ask is that you spread the word by telling your friends about this site! We have started off small and are adding new content all the time, bringing you the freshest design tutorials in simple step-step guides with screenshots.

New Logo Design Tutorials:

Gradient Text Logo
Gradient Text Logo

This logo is quite a basic gradient text logo. It looks good and can be used on most basic logos.
Star shape Logo
Star Logo

This star shaped logo is great looking and has that video game / web 2.0 appeal to it.
Orb Logo
Orb Logo

Orb Logo effect logo design

Fire Text
Fire Text Logo

Photoshop fire text design effect tutorial
Reflection Text Logo Reflection Logo
Text reflection effect tutorial

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